Enhancing on the parts found at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2998...

  • Raised the wall supports as well as the depth of the floor tiles.

  • Changed the doorways so the hinge places are farther out from the wall to allow for easier post-processing (drilling).

  • Added a 5mm x 2mm hole in the base of the floor tiles to fit a tiny magnet. For those who are in possession of a flat metallic surface, these parts adhere rather nicely and fix everything (see pictures). You can paste in lead fishing weights to provide some heft to the plastic.

I've printed multiple parts together (combo files) and the openings are really so modest the sections are joined together during printing. I enjoy them joined, although I believe they may be broken apart.

So folks can quickly change the layouts, I'll upload a zip file of the components in STEP format. As an example, you can join different bits and then print them to save time and also make the entire thing a bit more tough. I 've stl files of three mix pieces contained. (2x2_combo_right, 2x2_combo_doorway, and flooring_2x2)

More components as they get accessible.


Print whichever bits you would like. The flooring bits hold down the wall bits. For large regions of flooring, there may be some little openings determined by which floor tiles you use.

As a hinge pin, I make use of a piece of paperclip for the door. For those who own a drill the right size, drill a hole in the door as well as the doorway to coincide. If not, I simply use wire cutters on a straight piece of paperclip and leave the "little" in the hole when ended.

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