NOTE: This was an early experiment for me on dungeon tiles. I propose looking at OpenForge, my newer layout.

It is a group of roleplaying tiles which can be customized to creating printable rooms to enhance your gaming encounter using the makerbot customizer.

This set may be utilized together with the capacity to choose different styles for the walls and flooring to create any rectangular area up to 10x10, with the customizer. You can select be randomized rock (16 distinct stone faces, randomly chosen each single time you leave the stl), horizontal & vertical wood and smooth. All the connected stl files for walls, tiles and sections may be created (and more) with the customizer.

The set was designed with several aims in mind:
1) expandability, the set has numerous attributes for attaching things like doors, stairs, angled walls, etc.
2) The skill to recreate maps from modules. Unlike most of the dungeon tile sets, this one is based around 5 foot segments, giving the flexibility to the GM.
2) The capability to make more then only dungeons
3) The capability to spruce things up by having multiple designs
4) Straightforward capability to expand with openscad code.
5) I needed the walls to be shorter, so it was simpler to transfer the miniatures.

This set is compatible with all the tiles (but not the walls) from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3195. I have included as ancestors all the jobs whom I feel determined this layout.

Job code and stl files are additionally at: https://github.com/devonjones/dungeon_tiles


These look great and all print. I find the wood tiles seem with a tiny light brown paint drybrushed on them to help make the wood extremely pop. I propose using as few connectors as you can, as more single pieces will probably be more stiff and manage match day and printing bigger bits. In addition, the underside layer has a tendency to cause some link issues. I propose running a knife round the edges to enhance fit.

You will desire to print connectors together with lots of tall and short corners.

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