.STL File / 3D model: SPEAKER PROTOTYPE V 0.1

It's an experimental little speaker with 3CM magnets (neodime is the must) .this speaker is full pla but the membrane is better in "canson" paper 120gr/m


glue and screw M3
two stl must be printed in pla flex : spider and surpresser
and you must have special bobin copper ( 0,4mm recomended)

(bas rendement)
my speaker protype use 0,2mm coper , ferrite magnet and pla membrane for make realy better use neodyme magnet ,0,4mm copper and paper membrane

it's realy printable but the pla flex is hard to impress

have a good print


in first print magnet case it's the magnet holder and put 4 magnet inside (standard magnet) , the magnet is roll on a sheet of paper for the size match.put magnet bouchon up

make the coil wit coil ,coil2, coil3 and coil end (glue the two parts) . roll the coil on paper for having perfect surfaces and make a 8 ohm bobin with the coper .
and make the coil in position for the next step

continue with upper2 ,clip and spider2.When you have print this fix with 4 screw M3 in the order down to up
1:magnet case
glue the spider to the coil

now make two upper3 and screw it to upper2.
print donutacroche (this pieces is hard to print and need pla flex)
cut the midle is 0,3mm (easy) with scalpel, and gle this on upper 3

print the membrane or make it on paper (better)you can try different membrane.glue this on coilend and donutacroche.
and now listen the speaker

if you have any problem tell me
(V1 in progress)

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