Getting mildly obsessed with converting spinners to not needing bearings (makes them less of a choking hazard risk around wee ones & special needs kids - the bearing can be popped out and swallowed as evidenced by a recent news story). Here's a conversion of my Golden Snitch fidget spinner to be bearingless. Still haven't upped my game enough with the 3D design to get the wings looking nicer, and with the lack of a bearing the only way to do a full circle for the ball part of the Snitch would be to print separate & glue it on at my skill level. I'd be thrilled if someone made a mod of this that was capable of having the Snitch be a ball, added in some details on the ball and/or wings, etc - if you've got the capabilities please tinker this! Bearingless spinners, as far as I can figure, MUST be printed WITHOUT supports (need the gap internally) so that complicates making this a more fully realized 3D effect. I'd be thrilled to see someone make caps for the one that requires a bearing to continue the curve of the ball and make the wings less flat if no one can think of a way to make this one that way.

The photo of the two tone one was printed with gold filament and then had the wings painted silver with nail polish. I don't recommend trying to paint the area that needs to be able to move, though this one has a slightly wider gap than my other bearingless spinners in case people printing it don't have gold filament & need to be able to paint it. I've been having good results with the nail polishes from Dollar Tree for painting on PLA.

Don't make these to sell unless it's selling as a fundraiser for a non-profit. I'm happy to see them used as a non-profit fundraiser, particularly for Harry Potter Alliance groups.

This thing was made with Tinkercad. Edit it online https://www.tinkercad.com/things/lO0eTtOjs9S

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The one pictured was printed with layer height at .1 and I think shell .8 - if the shell is too thick I've been having gaps on the top layer of thin sections even with 100% fill. Layer height needs to be on the finer side for the ball to look nice and it helps with the inner spin.

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