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The brackets screw directly to the wall and a plug will hide the screw hole. The brackets fit an aluminum extrusion in which a LED strip is fastened down. It is driven by a 12V DC supply, a used power brick can be used for that.


These brackets will hold an aluminum tube with LED strip onto a wall and light up the wall. Screw connection on both and electrical provisions on one. Mount top bracket first, then push in the tube , mount bottom bracket so it just slips in. The tube will then descent but still be captured by the top bracket. The profile is PDS-O series Klus Profile Housing PDS-O from SuperbrightLEDS.

The picture shows how I put two of these in the bedroom on either side of the bed. It replaces the bed lights. There is another string of LEDs on the back of the bed as well. To operate the lights I have two microswitches in an enclosure Thing:109056. They are attached to an Arduino that operates all three lights. Either switch will on the first click light both side lights, second click adds the light behind the bed, third click turns off the side lights and last click makes everything dark again. I can upload the Arduino code as well if there is interest in it.
In the micro enclosure there is room for a digistump that could replace the Arduino, thus making the whole a little bit tidier.


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