.STL File / 3D model: FOGPONICS

you will need a 3d printer with a build area of (Length)300mm x (Depth) 300mm x (height) 400mm such as Folger Tech FT-5 Large Scale 3D Printer to print this out at full size. I have yet to print it out.

You will need to buy a few things in order to make this work such as a ultrasonic fogger and a water pump and a little bit of half inch hose, you will also need to buy a 2" net pot and rock wool or foam insert, all easily found on ebay. I recommend foam inserts for cuttings.

This is a single plant fogponic system It is designed so you can replace your Ultrasonic fogger easily with out disturbing the root system, Foggers frequently need to be replaced and cleaned and with this grow system it is easy to do so.

As far as what nutrients to run i recommend advanced nutrients ph perfect grow, bloom, micro, also recommend adding advanced nutrients big bud, advanced nutrients mother earths tea, and advanced nutrients carbo load to the nutrient solution when your plants go into bloom the more nutrients in the water the more often you will need to clean and replace your fogger.

If you want to have someone print these out there for sale one shapeways

Fogger I recommend you get 2 of them because they break and its always good to have another 1 on hand so your crop survives


2inch net pots with foam instert

I plan on printing these out and selling them on ebay someday
updated 1/10/2017

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