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  • Figurine model of The Little Prince, inspired by the first watercolour illustation from the French publication Le Petit Prince (1943).

     'This unusual and wonderful parable, illustrated by the writer, and superbly composed as much for adults as for kids, has become a classic of our time. An air pilot, the narrator, tells how he meets the Little Prince. Enchanting and the shrewd storeies the prince tells about the planet where he resides with three volcanoes and about other planets, a haughty bloom and their rulers, and about his fight with the poor seeds, make him an entrancing, charecter that is unforgettable .' - Backpage blub from The Little Prince, by Antoine De Saint-Exupery.


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    The first theory behind transforming the illustations from 2D to 3D would be to create the experience of literature to enhance for the blind and partially sighted through rendition images and illustrations from well known fiction into alleviations and tactile things. Stay tuned :)


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  • Urged print settings (as pictured) 0.20mm layer height 10% infill, minimal support. At full scale 18m high the print uses 64g of 6 hours 45 minutes and filament print time. Raise print resolution for clearer print (e.g 0.10mm).
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