.STL File / 3D model: NINTENDO 64 LOGO

Everybody wants to look at it!! :)


I was thinkin difficult about getting the measurements right since I didn't only need to make use of a screenshot of someone to extrude. I discovered how one span of the block may be broken into three unequal parts. This really is what my strange brain came up with (it works):

Draw an "N". Split the width of the bounding box by 4 - the result is known as x. Split the width of the bounding box by 3 - the effect is called y. Add x +y - the result is called z. Break Up z by 2 - the result is called w. W will be the width of one of every one of both perpendicular columns of the "N". Now link the right column as well as the left on their borders. Extrude the sketch by the number of w. As it mechanically connects them rotate 90 degrees using a ring-shaped array.

Voila! :)

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