An Apple TV v2 VESA bracket for mounting to to the back of a TV. Includes a place to wind up the cord, and a shelf for holding an HD OTA Antenna.


I picked up an Apple TV to use with a small LCD TV to watch media around the house. I wanted to mount the Apple TV to the VESA mount on the back of the TV, and also have a way to easily carry the TV around. After the initial design I decided I'd like a place to mount the OTA antenna and wind up the power cord.

The bracket uses a standard 75mmx75mm VESA mount, M4 screws. The cord holder also uses M4 screws. Everything else is setup for M3 screws.

The posts for the cord holders have an off-center hole that matches with the cord keeper, putting a pin in there will keep it from rotating.

I need to update the file and add a place for putting a pin between the post and the back bracket.

After mounting it to the TV I also realized I need to make the hole for the handle a little bigger, it can be a bit of a knuckle buster.

The Apple TV is a lose fit, and will fall through, I put a piece of non-skid mat between the top bracket and the Apple TV before I tighten the screws down and that holds it in place.

Created in SketchUp and then exported to STLs, also exported a DXF so a buddy could mill this for me out of Delrin. I assume it could just as easily be 3D printed.

You'll need 2 side brackets, 2 cord winders (posts) and 2 cord keepers.

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