This top barrel was created to replace the first orange barrel tip of a Nerf Star Lord Quad Blaster. In addition, although these barrel points leave the firearm incapable of firing Nerf darts still enable the firearm since I believed that was a truly awesome functionality of the foundation Nerf gun to open and shut. It's possible for you to make use of the exact same precise screws you removed from the first orange tips to affix these replacements. Some changes to the foundation blaster have to to fit the top barrel into area. Particularly, you may need to trim a number of the interior of the barrel cover (the part that goes) away. I also would urge you do the same, and did this with a Dremel - it makes it a lot simpler. The barrel was created with two 5mm holes to adapt LEDs. How you go about doing that's up to you personally, but I Have found the very best effects (in my opinion) can be gotten by filling the barrels with clear resin to help diffuse the light completely down the barrel. You can also attempt softly sanding some clear acrylic with a high-grit sandpaper and cutting it to shape to fit in the barrel. I initially made these versions to print on my Makergear M2, which prints at 100 micron (.1millimeter) resolution. They fit right onto the nerf guns off the print bed. Depending on your own print setting, you might need to do a little sanding to get a suitable fit.

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