Ultimaker2 railway system (U2RS) , should you ever release something harmonious with these trains please LICENSE PLATE it with "U2RS".

A printable rear plate to mount onto your UM2, which means you will have 4 rails to mount on things. The purpose will be to provide some flexibility in placing your feeder(s), spool(s) and anything you would like to experiment with... For some more backgrount on this notion please read here:


No irriversable changes are needed to your machine (-no drilling-), but it is intended for outside usage of your feeder motor(s). The 3 primary elements of the backplate mount to your left and right feeder motor holes (use any M3 bolts you've got, exesive span will disapear behind your motor covers), in the middle they mount to the "U2RS_MiddleScrewPlate" which you place into the holes of the first spool holder, the top mounts to 2 present mounting screws

************************** WARNING: There's hardly any space behind the Z-stage. Make certain when you mount the "U2RS_MiddleScrewPlate" you will put the screws from the interior of the printer to the exterior (so screwhead inside, nut on exterior) and just use screws with a thin head. To be sure you are okay test by increasing your bed manually (electricity of, turn the Z-stage screw)... this isn't like in the main image ... **************************

For this first "starter kit" I made mounts for your feeder (which ever you use .. roberts, mine, the UM2 first, or anything you prefer) and spools. The "low friction streamlined spool holder" hangs loos into the mounts, for superb fast transforming. It's possible for you to transfer material horizontally on the railings, and vertically in the brackeds by utilizing the small spacers (I supplied 20mm spacers, however you can fix to anything you have to keep things a bit organised I have printed the "streamlined low friction spool holder" individually here ; https://www.youmagine.com/designs/compact-low-friction-spool-holder

The mounts for the spool holder come in 2 types, the left/right is the fundamental variant, the "central" is a few millimeters broader for when you when you would like to make use of 2 spools next to every other on 1 backet. The single and double mounts have build in support, make use of a modest plier to eliminate it (see image), the backplates additionally have supports already assemble into the holes for the connectors.

I printed my back plate in colorfabb XT at 255c / 70c buildplate / shove it could be better to print just a little cooler, 50 speed. When printing in higher room temperatures (it was around 30c when I did this) the glass plate might not cool down enough for your print to let go of the glass plate (it needs to cool till 20c), a couple of minutes in the refrigerator is going to do the occupation.

Edit 1/2015; some small changes, cleaned up the layout of the brackets and spacers, altered the screws will sink a bit deeper., plate that mounts into the first spoolholder so All upgrades have v2 in the filename

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