This cover removed and may be repaired quite rapidly to the ultimaker 2. It needs no hardware adjustments.
Can even be shut and started when the utlimaker 2 is running.
Price: a few cents.
To make a heated chamber you'll need a front door (not part of the endeavor, many options on the newsgroups).
To use a heated chamber monitor the temperature inside the Ultimaker. So you don't wish to overheat and the electric parts are indoors Bake. See the newsgroups for talk and use on the heated chamber theory.

View a video of the cover in activity

Cover and uncover the ultimaker2 (one handed...)

The cover isn't air tight, but being a double sheet with air gaps it makes for a pleasant thermal insulating material.

How to make and install the cover. (see pictures)
1. Print the components. Use support to print upward the coverHolder with the tubes.
2. join two A4 sheets along the long border using adhesive tape. Replicate 4 times to have 4 sheets 2x1 A4.
3. fold the 2x1 A4 sheets along the long border each 20mm to make an accordion fold. Replicate 4 times.
4. fix the FOUR accordion sheets in addition to the Ultimaker2 with adhesive tape. (See pictures)
5. set the coverHolders (2x) on the Ultimaker2 print head
6. Add the first 2 accordion sheets below the cover holder
7. use clip2 and clip1 to fix the borders of the accordion sheets
8. Fit the upper two accordion sheets over the cover holder
9. fix the upper accordion sheets with 2x clip 1.

The cover holder /print head isn't fixed to the sheets. It's in order to slip freely in Y and X direction. Examine the video as well as the image. The sheets are fixed on the borders with the clips just to the other sheets. The clips don't need to hinder the motion that is printhead. Clip2 is to fix on the sheets that are lower when the print head goes near the edge to prevent crash. Clip 1 are to fix the two upper accordion sheets.

Feel free to try and change, but in the event that you want to utilize this Thought for commercial purposes please ask the writer for a permit.
Please give credit to the writer should you use this layout.

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