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  • This is the first completely 3D printed Miniature Milling machine ever, it is fit for Dremel 3000, you've only to print the pieces, turn 3 handles ( one for each axis ) and you may have your private practical manual milling machine.
    This machine is quite exact even supposing it's made in plastic, you need to set grease between the falling parts to lubricate the machine and remove the friction.

    You can see how this machine operates through this link:


    ake a look also to the new Mini milling machine development

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  • Print each component with the greatest infill and 0.2 or 0.3 resolution, you've to print three screws, three c-bands and two block screws , later you've to remove the support stuff with some tools.
    Now you can begin to assemble your milling machine:
    1) Add the foundation 2 into the foundation perpendicularly, set grease onto the foundation channels and slide the components.
    2) Set grease into the foundation 2 threaded hole and fit a screw into the front hole of the foundation and shove it until it touches the base 2 and screw it fitting in the screw block.
    3) Add the table into the foundation 2, lubricate and slide it again and add the second screw.
    4) Place some glue on the channels of the foundation and slide the tower onto it.
    5) Lubricate the channels and add the chute into the tower.
    6) Place some glue between the top tower and the tower and press both bits together.
    7) Lubricate the slide lined hole and add the last screw into the top tower hole, the slide lined hole and the tower bottom hole.
    8) To fix the screws attach the c-bands, you must add the c-rings onto each screws as shown in the image and paste them together.

    Propositions: use a super glue and select grease to lubricate the mechanisms.

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