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  • A two part toothbrush holder and toy.

    Inspired by the popular kids?s story book 'Smile , Crocodile, Smile' (also called Clarabella's Teeth), by award winning animator An Vrombaut, originator of the 64 Zoo Lane tv and book series.

    Read more about it here -

    From Novel To Print - Clarabella Crocodile

    Sortytelling and 3D Printed Plaything Artwork Session at the iMakr store


    A complete accompaniment to bedtime reading with the publication (paperback book accessible here), and additionally a fun educational toy to practise brushing teeth with! Keep in toybox or the toilet.

    May also be read as an ebook for tablet PC with MeBooks.


    As a result of Cemal (check out his deisgns here) for matching his klick combined


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  • Prints in two parts, which ought to fit on one print bed. 0.20mm layer heigh 10% infill No support. With these settings the print time in approx 8.5 hours, and uses 85g of filament. Once printed, just click both parts) Version is appox 17cm high, scale as you want!

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