.STL File / 3D model: IPHONE 5 CAR HOLDER FOR 2008 VW GTI

I designed a simple holder for the iPhone 5 to operate with all the dash ports of my 2008 Volkswagen GTI.

I've been using the holder for several months now and actually like it.
Feel free to share or to change the layout and I would like to know exactly what you believe!


After two models that were unsuccessful, I located an ideal combination between simplicity and solidity and had fine tuned the viewing angle of my layout. It slips into the dash ports as well as a hook keeps it from falling out. I elected to add five bits of 0.5mm thick material (shown in red in one of the preceding illustrations and contained both as PDF and DXF drawings) to shield my valuable telephone from scraping.

For printing on a Solidoodle, the merchandise broke into four parts as well as the files include 3D information of the Solidoodle-variant, in addition to of the entire item -? Perhaps you can locate a better solution print and to deconstruct it?

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