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  • Impress friends and family with this new found loot cavern which works 100%! download this item and choose your engram to the Cryptarch to see what presents expect you! 

    This item is part of the huge Destiny community giveaway. You can read all about it here.


    If you buy this item through the MyMiniFactory Store please note:

    • The colour of your print will be selected at random and will be printed in either ABS or PLA filament unless you've a special request.

    • The item will not come painted when you purchase it. We support you to be creative, personalize it as you want. Express your awesomeness and share an image of the final result with us!

    • Delivery time will be between 1 and 3 weeks from the minute the item is ordered by you. This is dependent on the amount of time the item takes to print and where you are.

    • E-Mail [email protected] if you'd like any additional advice or if you've any unique requests.

    • Occasionally orders will be printed live on MyMiniFactory TV - check it out here.


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  • this is printed support free 0.2mm resolution and 10% infill
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