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  • ''It was not me. It was the Third Man.''

    The Mask of the Third Man is an exotic helmet from the game Destiny, designed to be used for Hunters with the Bladedancer sublcass.

    The layout reveals a Hunters helmet with a Hive Skull. 

    THIS VERSION IS FULL SCALE AND WEARABLE! Follow my profile for more content in this way shortly. I want to make a warlock helmet and a titan.

    Made in Rhino, details sculpted and added in Z brush.


    Like the Halo carbine in the pictures above? Check it out here.


    More pictures to come shortly, including pictures with Destiny weapons rather than Halo! Can not whine, both games are amazing!

    A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Danny Schunemann, Stefanos Anagnostopoulos, Francesco Orru and Elliott Viles. These men have taught me everything I understand about Z brush and I am going to continue to develop my abilities and make more work which demonstrates what can be created from a cooperation between ZBrush and Rhino.

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  • the helmet was printed in 5 parts. 3 components for the rear for the front and 2 parts. the front and rear parts are assembled individually so you could place the helmet on using 2 halves, rather than passing it over the top of your head. Contained in the zip file are joining parts you may also use to help line up individual parts of the mask to help the construction procedure. If you want to contain paste in your parts these aren't essential. The helmet takes between 40 and 45 hours to assemble. 2, component 1 and 3 all can be printed without support. Though component 4 will need a modest number of component and support 5 support for the overhang of the chin if orientated down before printing.
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