.STL File / 3D model: GHS COASTER

What I expected would occur was that layer leave the indoors unfilled and one would print the outline of the letters simply. Since the emboss was not so deep, I expected layer two would be a solid infill layer. It'd be in the opposite direction of the first layer, thus emphasizing the text since the solid fill pattern was set to rectilinear. Look at the images under if that was difficult to follow. Eureka! It was golden on the first shot. Perhaps it? s been done, and if it had been studied by us we may have located a site describing how, but we didn?t. Something tried and it worked. I was pleased but one of my pupils wasn?t, he instantly looked at me and said that it'd be more remarkable if we could do a colour change between two and layer one. His interest was enough if it'd be possible to readily make this work, and for us to think about what happens when you pause a print. I am going to be pleased to reveal him the result is quite striking and that yes it can be done. The idea was examined by me on a 4? round coaster layout. We're going to give these as gifts to teachers in the building that have sponsored our Shell Eco Marathon mpg auto that is superb. Does this procedure have limits? Yes. Did it achieve what we needed? Yes, it did, and then some. Would we've been willing to attempt this on a costly machine? Likely not. But with the merchandises from SeeMeCNC we're willing to try new things, there's great community of Makers behind this movement to add to our knowledge base and a team at SeeMeCNC to help us mend what we bust.
Stuff: ABS (Silver and Dark Blue Print Height: .2 Infill: 10% SPECIFIC EDUCATION: Using Repetier you must find pause and the print after the end of the first layer. Subsequently you alter the filament to your colour selection and should increase the Z 10mm. This change will be the first colour will be the outline and the infill for the letters.
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