.STL File / 3D model: CO2 CAR

In our Introduction to Design courses, pupils have been learning the basics of Autodesk Inventor and a nine step design procedure. Their culminating job calls for constructing and designing a CO2 auto given a set of specification. I must say, the job is stimulating for pupils. Imagination, attention to detail, and engineering abilities are all regions exposed by this job. Though, the bar was lifted by us, we printed a full scale, fully operational design of a CO2 auto! The pupils were blown away! The awareness of having the ability to control, they could examine the layout, and a real life 3D printed model within an incredibly brief period of time had pupils connecting the job to the design procedure, then make progress. As teachers, we call that the aha moment. They need theirs printed. I foresee many hours of printing later on, and then on to the next job.
Layer Height: .20 Infill: 20%
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