.STL File / 3D model: SMT PARTS BOX

Another MakerHive exclusive www.themakerhive.com Little cartons to carry SMT components like resistors and capacitors. These shallow boxes allow it to be simple to pick out parts with tweezers when setting/soldering them on the board. The Components Carton Holder will let you support 5 components cartons at a time. Each holder can be interlocked together to form any shape you want. The Components carton stand file allows feet to be printed by you for the holders if you want to stand up the cartons.
Print distinct colour cartons for different kinds of parts. For instance, I am going to use black for Capacitors, Yellowish for Resistors, Blue for other rectifiers and diodes, etc Note: just use one foot towards the front edge of the holders as demonstrated when the holders lead back, keeping the boxes set up. Love!
Attribution - Creative Commons


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