Way back in late 2012 I hung my Extruder from wire links and a couple of rubber bands and showed it off at the worlds first MRRF festival in 2013. It worked although it seemed god awful. I consider it was Phil Briski, an associate of the MakerHive, that dubbed it "Air Struding". Jim Spencer, another member suggested I replace the Rubber bands with Bungee cords. I cleaned up the suspension using a metal plate and bungees from an old erector set. You can see it here at the very start of the video. This video was shot at the Second MRRF holiday in 2014 https://youtu.be/01Lq3HVd2M4 and this video of Phil's adaption https://youtu.be/_ZEVGcxJ0Qg I subsequently discovered that someone else here had the same Thought back in 2013 called the "Flying Extruder" you can read their post here Viewtopic.php?f=54& t p hilit=flying+struder#p14226 It's a complex system of belts and pulleys. Since then I've been working on a printable transport for the extruder. Still in testing but here are version one and version 2.
3 bungee cords will be needed by you. I got mine from Menards, $4.95 for a carton of 25. I drilled a 0.125" hole in the middle of the plastic arm support that's attached to the Skates, but you can do what ever you need to so the bungees can be attached to the middle of the skates. Shorten the boaden tube to about 3" +/- If you use the outer limits of you bed a lot I 'd urge you do not go under 3", perhaps attempt 4" as the tube does turn rather sudden when on the outer edges. But I 've had no issues with mine. You can wrap some electrical tape around the middle of your motor so it fits close in case it clamps to loose around your Motor.
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