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  • The Rebellion is Dante's brand sword from the Devil May Cry series. Appearing in DMC 2, 3, 4 and the animated series. It's a magic sword, given to Dante as a keepsake from his dad, the Dark Knight Sparda though it's the kind of a regular claymore. It functions as both a real indication of his power, and through its name, meaning ''opposition'', a symbol of his spirit. The power of the sword initially set inactive, but through contact with Dante's blood

    You also can weild the power of Rebellion and slay creatures and devils, protecting the world from what lies beneath.

    I modelled my interpretation of the sword using a mixture of both Rhino and Zbrush, it prints in 15 big bits and is a total of 1.5 meters long. All the bits cut jointly using dovetails and pins joints. Use adhesive for extra toughness and durability.


    Joyful hunting.


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  • Printed 10% infill mm layer height with at 0.2 Many the sword is support though it is extremely simple to remove, though some parts may need support. Will be: 4 x bone pin 12 x body pin 1 x handle pin 2 x skull to manage pin
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