This is an adaptation of my Ghettostation Antenna Tracker layout to fit the ImmersionRC EzTracker (now version 1).

The case features:

  • 0-135 degree Tilt Head
  • 360 degree Pan mount (ball bearing supported)
  • Antenna quick change/release to allow use of multiple unique antennas
  • ImmersionRC Duo 5800 V3 & V4 as well as Uno5800 V2 and Uno2400 Video RX mount (single miniature DIN connection, lever for frequency selection)
  • Lawmate 2.4Ghz RX mount
  • 3DR Radio Telemetry Module (900Mhz or 433 Mhz) mount on the monitoring plate
  • Easy access Battery compartment for up to 3700mAh 4S LiPo Pack
  • EzTracker LCD mount with Easy access to the selection buttons and remaining module protected in the case.
  • Mounts for Power On/Off, 4x Video out, 1x T-Style/Deans Power connector
  • Tripod Quickmount and additional feet for table top/car roof top positioning
    Please refer to the instructions for details on the used parts

In case you already have the Ghettostation Tracker published, the only items to be changed are:

  • Case_front_Ez. stl
  • Cover_Front_Ez_v2. stl
  • Cover_Front_Ez_bottom. stl

Please note: The mounting plate for DUO5800 V4 is based on measurements obtained from ImmersionRC only. It hasn't yet been tested (I only have a V3). Please post here in case you suffer from the V4. Do also let us know if it works perfectly as advertised :--RRB-. You'll have to print two of the Duo5800_push. stl and Duo5800_lever. Stl for the V4 of the DUO5800 as it's both Band and Frequency selection buttons.


  • Turnplate upgraded to allow elimination of the top without the need to pull the cables through before.


  • Added RX mounts for ImmersionRC Uno5800 V2 and Uno2400 (same mount as Uno5800) receiver in Addition to Lawmate 2.4Ghz receiver


After receiving feedback that a big portion of the files failed to print in Slic3r and Cura, I think I found a mistake in the scaling method I used to export the files. All files are updated and check out in 3 slicers I have tested up to now. Please report back if there are still difficulties.
Other changes:

  • Added spacers for the bearings as, depending on servo and filament used there is a gap between bearing and turnplate. Print the required thickness and insert it between the bearing mount and the back top cover
  • upgraded the back case to allow the use of a M4 nut to the battery door since the plastic wears out after some time.
  • 2 versions of the back case are not available. 1 variant comes with 4 video connectors and 1 Deans connector, the other with 2 video connectors, one deans and one XT60 connector.


  • Added mirror version of the Uno5800 Mount in case you want to install it on the left side or have one Uno5800 on one and a Uno2400 on the opposite side.


  • Corrected Uno2400 mount added (left and right side)


  • Added modular Antenna mounts. Enables quick change of the next Antenna types:
    1) ImmersionRC 5.8 Patch (IMRC5.8_Lock.stl)
    2) ImmersionRC 2.4 Patch (IMRC2.4_Lock.stl)
    3) Circular Wireless 5.8 Helix (CW5.8_Lock.stl)

You'll have to replace the tilt head plate with the new lock plate (Head_Lock. stl).


Added a quick 4 part version of the case to print smaller printers.
Part 1 must be glued to part 2 and part 3 needs to be glued to part 4 along the split line. Please report back if you happen to face issues.

  • CutCase_Ez_part1. stl
  • CutCase_Ez_part2. stl
  • CutCase_Ez_part3. stl
  • CutCase_Ez_part4. Stl


Print with 30% infill but for the pin that ought to be printed with 100% infill for extra strength.

Some parts need supports:

  • Case front Ez
  • Case back
  • Cover front Ez
  • 5800 Mounts (both Duo and the Uno versions)
  • 3DR Case
  • Antenna Plate

Shopping list:
Main Tracker:

1x 5V BEC (http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__10312__Turnigy_5A_8_26v_SBEC_for_Lipo.html)
1x Standard Analogue Servo (I used a Hitec HS-325HB) to the tilt head
1x GWS Digital Servo Sail Winch S125 1T 2BB 360-degree (http://www.goodluckbuy.com/gws-digital-servo-sail-winch-s125-1t-2bb-360-degree-7-6kg-106oz-in-1-28sec.html - I tried the HK analogue type too but it does not work very well)
1x Ball Bearing 8x22x7mm (http://shop.rotor.com.sg/show-detail.asp?prodid=0CF678C9-B488-4739-9638-BA12492E7EF7&pn=1)
8x Ball Bearing 3x10x4mm (2x http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__11726__HK600GT_Ball_Bearings_Pack_3x10x4mm_4pcs_bag.html)
4x Video Composite connectors
1x 6Pin DIN cable to connect the DUO receiver to the EzTracker (Audio) and Video out
1x Deans/T-Style female power connector
1x Main Power Switch (see case front left side for dimensions)
3x 43mm Nylon or metal spacers with M3 inside thread

  • M3 socket and sink head screws (I used mostly 8mm and 12mm long types for a small Range of different lengths, they always come in handy :--RRB-)
  • min 6x M3 nuts
    ~2 meters of cable to connect all the parts together (I used twisted servo cable for all my relations)
    A number of female and male Servo connectors (or other means to create the relations)

Video RX:

For your VideoRX Part I used (others will work too but require a different mount on the Tracking Plate):


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