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  • The Sleeping Hermaphroditus is an early marble sculpture sized reclining on a mattress Gian Lorenzo Bernini in 1620, Hermaphroditus. The type is partially derived from historical depictions of other female nudes and Venus, and partially from contemporaneous feminised Hellenistic depictions of Dionysus/Bacchus. It depicts a subject that was substantially duplicated in Hellenistic times and in early Rome, to judge from the variety of variants that have lived.

    ermaphroditus, the two-sexed child of Aphrodite and Hermes (Venus and Mercury) had long been a symbol of androgyny or effeminacy, and was shown in Greco Roman art as a female body with male genitals.

    Theophrastus's report also implies the association of marriage and a connection between Hermaphroditus. The reference to the fourth day of the month is telling: this is the most lucky day. Hermaphroditus's organization with marriage has seemingly been that, by embodying both feminine and masculine qualities, he symbolized the coming of women and men in holy union. Another variable was his parents' part in protecting and benediction brides.

    Hermaphroditus's name is derived from those of his parents Hermes and Aphrodite. All three of these gods determine mainly among fertility and sensual figures, and all possess clearly sexual overtones. Occasionally, Hermaphroditus is referred to as Aphroditus. The phallic god Priapus was the son of Hermes in some reports, and the youthful god of want Eros of Aphrodite and Hermes. 


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