This is a collection of various scale dungeon parts. The "grid" is a 30mm grid since I like my walls to straddle the grid "lines". So 4mm thick walls and 26mm squares provides a 30mm grid.

I was motivated by the a variety of dungeon wall versions here and thought I could improve on the designs to make them more flexible and modular and raising the things they can do.

I'd like to make multi-level versions. With this design, walls can join at any ordinate angle and should mesh well. No need for corner, tee, cross walls. (Although I will probably make a few of those for convenience.)

I will be adding more versions as I finish them.

One improvement that I will most likely make is to add a small pocket to the bottoms of the flooring pieces and possibly the tops and bottoms of the walls. This pocket would be sized to fit a small magnet. The magnets would help the floor tiles hold to a metallic surface (since they are not very heavy) and the magnets may also allow you to stack walls vertically.

I've printed the majority of these parts and they work well now. I've made some changes to some parts to improve the printability. The hinge parts no longer have holes in them. You'll need to add holes post-process. I've found that paper clips work great for hinge pins!


There are two parts that have a top and bot(tom). Glue these together. They were split so that they might be 3D printed without support.

The door hinges will require some sort of pin. The holes are around 1mm diameter. I am thinking about using sewing pins (the type with flat heads that look like miniature claws) and clipping them off to the ideal height.

No more base parts required. And now the walls will stand up on their own until you place the flooring tiles over their supports to lock them into position.

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