.STL File / 3D model: RC HELICOPTER 450 MAIN GEAR (TREX 450, HK 450, TARTOT 450 ETC.)

Z = 150, measure = 0,5mm

Fully functional part.

  • Complete part: HK450_main_gear_complete. Stl
  • 2 components: HK450_main_gear. stl + HK450_main_gear_axis. Stl
    (This way you only have to replace the gear when a tooth is broken)


Printer setup:

  • Layer elevation: 0.15mm
  • Print speed: 15 mm/s

Printed in PLA and flight tested, an ABS print must outcome an stronger part for this applicaton.
Update: I've realised that the PLA is fantastic for avoid damage in helicopter crashes (I've had several last days ;-RRB- ). PLA main gears acts as a mechanical fuse better than standard gear (ABS), in a crash teeth break apart quickly and avoid damage to other parts of the rotor

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