An OpenSCAD script to make clips with your title on it that may be used to mark your own bottles. Compared to the original version by daniel, this derivative is easier adaptable and knows the following parameters:

  • Title
  • emblem (DXF, should be 50mm*50mm)
  • radius in top and lower side
  • height
  • ribbon

The title tag itself resides as a module in bottle-clip. Scad, and there are a number of ready-to-use examples in examples.scad. Feel free to modify them.

Notice that the STL provided here ist just for instance. You can print it though, if you want ;--RRB- There are also some logo samples that you can use.

Update 2013-03-26: add Club Mate logo. The script needs Write.scad and fonts from the compose/ subfolder now.

Update 2013-06-06: added Tetris S piece and a glider. This item is now maintained on GitHub: https://github.com/rohieb/bottle-clip-name-tag


  1. Get Write.scad and some fonts from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16193, put it into a subfolder named "compose"
  2. Create a logo for a DXF of 50mm×50mm, or use one of those supplied logos. If you make your own, note that OpenSCAD is somewhat picky about which DXF it requires. This tutorial describes how you get a suitable DXF out of Inkscape.
  3. Load bottle-clip. scad into OpenSCAD. At the bottom, there's an example for 4 title tags. Change the desired options (name, logo, etc.) to your requirements.
  4. Render, export to STL and publish it.
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