Adapted from a tool I saw in this video:
It is quite long so I will attempt to get the point in my instructions.

Clamp a glass cutter within this setup and you'll quickly have the ability to turn empty beer, wine, etc., into useful things like drinking glasses.

I have an idea for how the top end of wine bottles can be used, so don't go throwing away those bits yet. Kinda building up to something here ;)

All the bolts in the diagram are M4x20mm, and there's a 30mm piece of M8 studding holding the 608 bearing in place.


  • Bolt and Print (or adhesive, melt, whatever) the parts together as per the picture.
  • Fit a bearing of whatever size you like.
  • Clamp a glass cutter in place.
  • Fix them so that a bottle can easily turn on both points of contact.
  • Adjust the conical plug so that the cutting wheel is at the height you wish to cut away.
  • Turn the jar through ONE rotation on the blade to make a single small score all the way round.
  • Carefully dribble some hot water over the score line.
  • Dribble some cold water over the score line.
  • Continue to alternate the last two steps until the heat pressure pushes the fracture through along with the jar comes apart.
  • Sand/grind down some remaining sharp edges.
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