This adaptor is designed to permit the Dyson DC59 (and similar) hand vacuum cleaner for use to suction "space bags" (clothing storage bags). Since these vacuum cleaners have a protruding piece that stops the nozzle from sealing flush with the space bag nozzle, you can't get a proper seal without this piece.

I have uploaded two layouts:
One is a simple nozzle with no special features, which may be used as a starting point for making other adaptors and vacuum cleaner tools.
The second has a restraining key (to stop the tool from rotating freely), vent holes (allowing a small amount of airflow, preventing the vacuum from pulsing as it senses low airflow), and a rotating port cover (that allows you to adjust the amount of air flow passing)

I'd like to determine if anybody else uses these as a foundation for additional vacuum cleaner attachments.

Side note: I didn't bother doing the experimentation necessary to correctly size the port holes (i.e. drill test holes at the non-vented attachment to understand how big the hole needed to be to stop pulsing), so the two longer slots are larger than required.
Based on testing with the new model ("space bag attachment - with breather"), you need an orifice of about 75mm² area to permit sufficient air flow to prevent the dyson pulsing off because of low flow. This is equal to having the next smallest breather half-covered.


  1. Printing the "space Bag attachment - with breather". No support material required
  2. Assembly by slipping the port cover over so that the increased boss fits into the ring groove on the attachment
  3. Insert into the vacuum cleaner, slotting the increased key to the slotted restraint on the top side of the vacuum cleaner nozzle
  4. With all vent holes covered, suction the space-bag
  5. As airflow drops off, the vacuum cleaner should pulse on and off (it doesn't like running at no-flow). Rotate the ring to allow a little bit of air to pass, adjusting as necessary (too little, and the vacuum will pulse. To much, and you won't acquire sufficient vacuum to further compress your space-bag).

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