.STL File / 3D model: CRATER LAKE

Crater Lake was formed roughly 7,700 years ago by the collapse of Mt. Mazama in Oregon State. It is part of Crater Lake National Park. This model includes both the surrounding topography and the bathymetry of ~655m deep caldera where the lake resides.

The lake level is indicated by a small line around the basin (that is an artifact of merging two datasets and will be corrected in later versions if necessary).

High Elevation: 2480m
Low Elevation: 1290m
Lake Surface Elevation: 1884m
Lake Surface Area: 53 km2
Area: 117 km2


This model was generated using a program that is currently being developed. It is based on the GMRT dataset (http://www.marine-geo.org/portals/gmrt/) and used the port from GeoMapApp (http://www.geomapapp.org)

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