.STL File / 3D model: ROTARY 4TH AXIS

A simple 4th axis for lightweight CNC and 3D printing software (go on, someone would like to try printing using a 4th axis). Designed to utilize a NEMA 23 stepper


Makes use of a NEMA 23 motor, but edit to suit. I have fitted a face plate to mine; It's up to you what you stick on the spindle end

I built this for my CNC machine to allow full 3D objects to be machined. Generally its constructed from 6mm MDF glued together to form a framework. I've uploaded an alternative version for people who can print the frame out. I recommend that you remove the top plate if printing.

To make this you will need
1x Frame (up to you how you create it)
4x Rotary Table Bearing Housings
1x Rotary Table Motor Mount

4x 8x22x7 Bearings
1x Rotary Table Layshaft (8mm pole)
1x Rotary Table Spindle (8mm pole)
2x T5x10 10 tooth gears
2x T5x10 40 tooth gears
1x NEMA 23 Stepper
1x Rotary Table Spindle Spacer
12x M4x22 bolts
4x M4x12 bolts
4x M4x26 bolts
20x 4mm Washers
16x M4 nuts

This doesn't really need instructions- just follow the jpeg and you will be alright. You'l have to make up different spacers along the way- I used 10mm tubing using a 1mm wall.


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