A pair of gears to multiply the range of a normal servo -- a Turnigy 1501MG in this case, likely overkill -- to tilt the slats of a wooden venetian blind. Direct drive wasn't enough to receive the full range of motion out of the blind.

Print 1 pair of gears: I have discovered that the 25-10 teeth combo drives the complete range of the blind after I tightened up the wires inside.

In action: https://instagram.com/p/8aMGuzl46N/

Original equipment models created using: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3575

Another rig using the motor from a cordless drill and a few relays to winch up the blind and down is in progress.

The servo is connected to an Espruino Pico using an ESP8266 and two power regulators (5.5V for the Servo, 3.3V for the electronic equipment) to internet-enable the setup. A simple web app controls this, together with 433MHz power relays controlling lights, desk fan, and monitors; as well as relays to control bed head/foot motors for reclining.

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