This is an experimental set of printable machine parts, the idea being that you can configure these into anything 3-or-fewer-axis machine you need. The basic parts are:

1) Linear rail and ball carriage.
2) Rack and pinion
3) Structural cubes with 2 (angle), 4, 3, and 5 mating faces.

Hole patterns for all parts are NEMA 17 - 31mm square, and holes are sized for M4 fasteners.

With the right tool holders it should be possible to make a small milling machine, drilling machine, perhaps a pick-and-place machine, who knows? I encourage people to please post suggestions or alterations.


1) I haven't printed any of them yet, but I have skeinforged them, so I think they'll print okay.
2) I haven't arranged multiple parts into one file so they can be printed together, but it would be smart to do this. I will post assembled files when I get a chance.
3) I don't know how accurate the resulting machine is going to be, so please keep in mind that this is still something of a work in progress. I am hoping to include and anti-backlash split equipment as a start, but I'd love to hear other suggestions.


1) Determine the machine settings you want
2) Print the various parts required
3) Drill and tap the pinion setscrew location and the end cap fastening holes in the rail car body - I was thinking M3 fasteners.
4) Assemble the rail cars with 5mm ball bearings - Make Sure to lubricate them
5) Assemble the remaining parts, ensuring to key the rack and railings together.

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