Attempting to build add on automation for my Velux skylight. Requires a NEAM 17 Stepper Motor. I've tested this with my extruder motor which is a Kaysan

Posting the STL files here, the scad files are located on github.



Print among each part. Also requires an 8mm allen wrench for the drive.

Set the small gear on the NEMA stepper and use a 3mm set screw to keep it in place. You'll need to guess exactly where on the shaft it goes, mine is just about flush with the end.

Set the top onto the mount and use 4 x 3mm screws to hold it together. Leave the screws only flush with the top. Put the NEMA 17 stepper face down on the top mount plate so the gear sticks through the hole.

Put the screws in the velux crank through the two mounting holes, place the spacer on that. Check the orientation of the ridges from the skylight, make the spacer plate match, add the distance to the stack. Put the screws all the way through the mount and the spacer.

Set the large gear into the slot. Push the 8mm Allen key through the hole in the top plate, gear and then mounting plate. Screw the mounting plate on the skylight using a screwdriver going through the top plate and gear. You'll need to rotate the gear to access the screws. Also note you may want to open the window to a mid position so that you have freedom to move the gear in both directions.

I am sure this voids your warranty. I can't take any responsibility for damage you do to your window or anything else for that matter.

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