Wanted to make a mechanical slide that didnâ$™t cost hundreds of dollars! HA! Anyway, I believe this is a pretty simple design; mainly made from 3D Printed Parts. Not the quality of an OEM Slide but works none the less. Other than some nuts and screws, has two main OEM items to purchase. One, 1/8â$ Brass U-Channel. Itâ$™s quite cheap and you can get it at most any Hobby Store or online. Two, need 1/8â$ diameter steel balls. I got mine online but should be easy to get.
Other than that, this was simple to put together. Assemble the unit on its side; utilize posted pictures with assembly notes.

Things to note.

  1. When constructing the components pay attention to construct direction. I needed no supports for any of the components. Believe it took about an hour and a half to print a set of components on standard settings.
  2. The Brass Channel isnâ$™t perfect. I found one side of the U-Shape to be marginally higher than another. I just made sure to keep this bias to one side of the bearings. If you machined your own U-Channel you could improve performance.
  3. After assembly there is still some play (.005-.010). However, with a modest load (few pounds or less) that this slide will provide consistent use and good life. Curious to see if somebody can give it some practical use.
  4. I provided Bearing Cage files for 2, 3, 4, 5 chunks so you can play with how many balls you need vs. application.

Note: some of the components (blue) aren't shown in the correct orientation. The Slide Base and Slide Body are shown upside down and the Slide Base Rail is shown on it's end. Should be on the long side so the long pocket faces up.

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