2-parts microscope adapter for iPhone 4 or 4s. Designed to fit classic zeiss ocular or any other with 24 to 28mm diameter.

This adapter was printed and tested on several microscopes.
Files are manifold. In some cases, you might need to correct position between part 1 and part 2, so that the lenses are aligned.
The next iteration will make this step easier.

P.S. : The iPhone featured above was not broken during testings ;)


  • Added STL file OcularSupport_V6.2_kpl_RDM. Stl : suited for Zeiss KPL and other 27,8millimeter diameter (long barrel) oculars. This file has an oversized barrel holder to fix plastic retraction when printed with extruded plastic. You should use this file if you have a reprap.
  • Added pictures of the above mentioned new print (ABS) fully assembled with part 1 (iPhoneAdapter ) and a Zeiss KPL W16 ocular.


  • Added STL file support_V6_kpl. Stl : this alternate ocular support is designed to fit Zeiss KPL oculars. It was printed in ABS, but does not take into consideration plastic retraction (about 5%). So the ocular holder may seem to tight when printed with a reprap.
  • Added pictures of the aforementioned new print (ABS)


Needed :

  • 3x M3 bolts
  • 3x M3 nuts
  • 1x M4 bolt
  • 1x (or two) M4 nut.

Chose one of the 3 ocular support STL file and the iPhoneAdapter STL file.

ABS appears better suited to this purpose, than PLA, considering the mechanical strains.

Assemble iphone base and ocular support with the 3 M3 nuts. Tighten (slightly) the ocular with the M4 screw.

You might need to counter-drill the screw holes. Be carefull about the ocular-iphone camera alignment.

Custom alignment will be considered in the next version.

IMPORTANT : supportobjectif_V5. STL and OcularSupport_V6.2_kpl_RDM. STL files take into account plastic retraction after heating (about 5%). But support_V6_kpl. Stl file does not. If you print the first V6_kpl file with a reprap, the ocular holder part may be too tight

To do :

  • Sliding screws for adjusting part1-part2 position
  • iPhone bottom lock
  • Anti-warping layout (on the V5 file)
  • Ocular holders for wide lenses and other brands/types
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