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  • 2 vases I modeled using a version of the popular "twined" design. People consistently impress once I'm at 3d meet-ups and traditions. I thought I 'd share them with you guys! There are 2 versions. One vase has one plane. And the other is basically a mirrored copy put in addition to the original. Single top, print single margin, underside that is single. I have attempted layer heights ranging from .3 to .1 all with great results. Sample pictures are available at www.instagram.comImmersedN3D If they can be printed please label me @ImmersedN3D so I can find the results!

    Link to 2nd vase here: http://www.myminifactory.com/object/3153


    If you buy this item through the MyMiniFactory Store please note:

    • This merchandise will come unpainted and unassembled when you purchase it. We support you to be creative, personalize it as you want. Express your awesomeness and share an image of the final result with us!

    • The colour of your print will be selected at random and will be printed in either ABS or PLA filament unless you've a special request.

    • Delivery time will be between 1 and 4 weeks from the minute the item is ordered by you. This is dependent on the amount of time the item takes to print and where you are.

    • E-Mail [email protected] if you'd like any additional advice or if you've any specific requests.

    • Occasionally orders will be printed live on MyMiniFactory TV - check it out here.


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  • Print at 0.2 mm layer height, with 10% infill. This takes 540 minutes and uses 90g of filament.

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