Wanted to challenge myself with a design. Something useable that would benefit anyone creative. My wife asked me a few days earlier "how do you cut a jar"? Off to youtube I moved,
where people were using everything from voodoo to tile saws (dangerous)!

So that is where it all began.

I used a 3D application called blender to produce the design. The first 2 sucked because they only cut one size of jar and were flimsy. I wanted super industrial sturdy... Hence the 50 nuts and 5/16 pole.

This design fits any jar and can grow to whatever size you want! You may also drop it off a cliff.

Hope you like... those three people on the planet that might want to reduce bottles... and also have a 3D printer to print it...

Who knows... My spouse plants stuff in them... "Baby Green House Maker"... there, now it's green and will be popular possibly in portland.

[email protected]

For some video adventures

It's a big world filled with lots of things, now here is one more.


What you will need.

5/16 Rod or 8mm Rod = 6 foot to be safe
55 x 5/16 or 8mm Nuts More in you need it bigger!
55 x 5/16 or 8mm Washers More in you need it bigger!
A generic glass cutter (see technical video)
2 x 10/24 x 1 or 5mm x 26mm screws with Nuts
5 608 Skate Bearings

How to use it!

Technical Breakdown!

Also I've included the blender file which shows where everything goes.
The numbers at the front of the parts mean nothing special, just print one of each.

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