I really like the model of the native Motors Strati 3D printed automobile that's posted on Thingiverse, but I wanted to make it simultaneously more similar to the actual car, and with rolling wheels.

Working the original files off, I scaled them and started in the files. For some reason 1/10 was too big for my printer. The initial body file appears to be more detailed and nicer, so this gives you enhanced quality.

I cut out holes in the body that an axle will pass through.

I rebuilt the suspension pivots and struts to be robust, and also to allow space for a wheel.

So you can make it in plastic if available the windshield is broken out as a separate part. (I used an Objet Connex printer for this)

Last but not least, I modeled from scratch a wheel that looks more. The tires are different, so if you so desire, you can print them in flexible filament/elastomer/another colour.


Here's how to print it.

Print two all the suspension pivot (L and R versions). The axle hole is offset towards the back of the car. Print suspension struts. Print one each the roll bar, battery, motor, steering wheel and windshield.

Print the body.

Print wheel. Print tires. The "objet" version of this tire is to get an Objet Connex printer that can print with rubber-like materials.

You will need a so or 3mm steel rod for the axles. Cut it into two 81mm lengths.

To assemble, glue a strut to the strut hole at the top of the wheel arch. Next glue the suitable suspension pivot in place, and use a drop of glue to hold the other end of the strut . Do this for the wheels.

Fit the tires.

Glue the battery box. Glue the motor in place. Thread an axle to make sure that the motor is correctly placed.

Glue the wheels towards the axles' end.

Glue the steering wheel to a small piece of rod, or just to the dashboard. Attach the roll bar and windshield. If you would like shade in the lights with a silver mark.

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