I started out of joeynovak's work...
I changed it "heavy duty" version to fit on ANY 18 volts tool.
With this, you can turn any DeWalt, porter cable, ryobi, bosh, etc 18V tool to work with your makita batteries.
For myself I changed a 34$ porter cable jig saw to work with my makita batteries... Makita jig saw is like 150$!!
And more recently, a ryobi 18ga brad nailer: makita don't even sell any!


It was printed by me with 100. (ABS)
-but for the second one (ryobi), I used 0,4 filling with pla and it's way solid enough-
Important, you'll need support material, however, with newer versions of slic3r, it's impossible to remove...
So I suggest to download slic3r 0.9.0, it works flawlessly.
I then "painted" it using abs glue (plomber's glue) to make sure it's really solid. (don't want it with pla)
I used metal strap to fit in the connectors. (strap with holes used by plumbers to fix pipes to ceilings)
I used wires to fit to this tool's original connections. Before you glue make try to be sure you are in the proper position!
And I glued it with a glue gun that will give it some flexibility. To stop from breaking.
I tried to screw it, but it did not really worked.
Hope you'll like!

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