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  • Turn your Smartphone into a high tech tool that is meteorological!

    Quantify the weendspeed, while;

    • Sailing 
    • windsurfing
    • Kite flying
    • balloon flying
    • paragliding
    • hunting
    • golfing
    • Biking 

    ... or my favourite - observing the rate go crazy outside side the passenger side of the car window.


    Make an accurate measurement of the wind no matter what you're up to and where you are.

    It is more straightforward than you had ever expect also...

    Download the free program 'Vavuud' that takes care of all the company!


    With that installed all you need is;


    Apple ands Android fans lower your weapons.


    Compaitble with both platforms,  

    A pocket friendly, this small addon will let you quantify the windspeed correctly - you are!



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  • the sections all print support free
    put the two magnets into the holes on the primary component
    slide the bearing into the center of the primary component
    you can get a headphone jack by cutting the end from an old set of headphones, cut the contour of the jack to fit inside the center of the bearing
    push into area at the center of the bearing, then plug into the headphone socket of your smartphone.
    download the free Vavuud program and holder your mobile upward vertically to locate the wind speed

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